Welcome to Em-press Design! I started my design studio in October 2000 after several years as a corporate in-house designer/art director, and I’m grateful to be able to create the things I’m most passionate about each and every day. I’m a quirky mix: 50% super-organized, serious attention-to-detail, grammar-freak left-brained and 50% free-spirited, head-in-the-clouds, creative, daydreamy right-brained. I like to think these traits make me a good listener and an excellent interpreter of my clients’ needs. I’ve always known I wanted to be an artist and designer and spent countless hours as a kid hand-lettering my own typefaces, creating cards and posters and taking weekend art classes. After enrolling in every art course from jewelrymaking to photography to printmaking, I graduated with a BFA in painting and drawing and stuck around to earn an MA in graphic design as well, indulging my passion for typography, design and illustration.

I love my clients and the diversity of work and creative challenges each one offers. Em-press Design embraces many mediums: design, paper, illustration, calligraphy/hand-lettering, painting, multi-media and photography. With 24 years of professional experience, I can tackle just about any creative challenge you can throw at me. I love my job and my family and enjoy being entertained by my husband, Brad and our seven-year-old son, Luke. Check out my blog to get to know me better and be sure to visit my studio to see the amazing space my husband built just for me. Thanks for stopping by!




(Photo courtesy Emily Alexander Photography)



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